John C. Grube

John C. Grube

John is an actor and performer

John grew up in the surf town of Santa Cruz, California. In this eclectic community, a vibrant and diverse mix of art and music had a certain creative influence on him, as did his six older siblings. Mom and Dad are his greatest heroes! Due to their accomplishments in journalism, community building, human kindness, genuine compassion and dealing with seven kids, he couldn’t help but have upmost respect and admiration for them.

His curiosity and desire to perform, landed him rolls in community and college theater, operas and musicals such as Hair, How the west was Sung, Once upon a Mattress, Pollicino and Bread, (inspector) and (Big deal) and (Tony), in separate productions of Westside Story. As a youth, he acted in commercials for Apple, Kodak, Atari, and modeling for LeTigre, displayed in department stores like Mervyns, as well as industrial and home video game adds and packaging cover print.

As a busy father raising two boys and working as a union carpenter for 25 years, (photo) 19 of those, John was the front man, singing in a popular Santa Cruz band and playing an original blend of Ska, Rock and Reggae.(photo) This musical energy and creative drive evolved into athletic ambitions like cycling across California from Santa Cruz to Lake Tahoe in a non-stop effort, answering a challenge from an encouraging cousin, while raising money for his high school art and music department. National events in cycling and running qualified him for a spot on Team USA where he competed in Europe for two consecutive Du-Athlon World Championships. (Photo) At the France event most memorable was proposing to his wife and twin flame, Carolyn, at the Eiffel tower. Also an athlete and an artist, they have explored new horizons with a blessed reinvention of their lives through dance.

The pure joy of creative, physical engagement is the biggest reward! John and Carolyn aspire to challenge themselves in a dynamic combination as they develop the discipline of Latin and Standard Ballroom Dance. They recently took part in the US Amateur National Ballroom Competition and the World Productions, Las Vegas event where they Won 1st Place for Best Solo Performance. Seven years of ballroom study from northern California to Tucson has helped John win dancing rolls for Sun Basket Foods and Mission Cooling hat designer. El Camino Hospital selected him for a radiologist in a recent spot. (photo)

While their tandem, team spirit propels them over never-ending trails in the desert sun, a profound sense of gratitude accompanies them along the way.